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Optrim 2.5 – Digital Revolution In Deckle Optimisation

Any paper manufacture, the deckle matching is one of the key process with many challenges.
We are

  • Market Leader in Deckle matching Software for the last two decades.
  • Industry expert in providing Business Solutions for Paper Industry.
  • Core Panel contains Paper Industry Champions and IT Experts.
  • Our products known for its stability and performance.
  • Our customers includes leading Mills in India and Abroad.

Deckle Matching – Key Challenges

Key Challenges
Key Challenges

What Is Optrim 2.5 ?

  • Papyrus Optrim 2.5 focus on Deckle Matching as its core
  • Seamless integration with your Order Management System
  • Easy to Use – No prior knowledge of Deckle Matching required
  • Simplified Design reduces your learning curve
  • Complete control on variables which impact your Deckle Matching.
  • Developed using 40 Years of Domain Knowledge in Paper Industry.
  • Developed using Cutting Edge Technology with Speed and Accuracy.

What Can the Optrim 2.5 Do for You?

Optrim 2.5 has the following features and brings in lot more benefits than you can imagine in Deckle Matching Process


  • Handles all possible Deckle Sizes and unlimited number of Order sizes.
  • Support for Multiple Paper Machines with different parameters.
  • Flexibility in setting Maximum number of circular knives in Winder.
  • Positive and Negative tolerance on Sizes and Quantity and trim-loss.
  • Handles combination of Reels, Sheets orders.
  • Support both Simplex and Duplex Cutters.
  • Flexibility to set Weight per combination and number of sets.
  • Great Control over how the combination should be generated.
  • Support for adding Standard Sizes for maximum optimization.
  • Flexible Diameter Settings.
  • Improved order processing. Support for Automation and Manual entries.
  • Improved Deckle processing with lighting speed matching algorithm.
  • Interactive Analytics and Reports for Upper Management and shop-floor users.
  • Flexibility in Integrating with your existing SAP or other order processing system.
  • Digital dashboard for everyday critical status updates.
  • Business insights for upper management about Orders, Production and Machine Efficiency.

How Optrim 2.5 Can Help You?

  • Deckle Matching done in minutes rather than hours.
  • Flexibility in re-performing deckle matching for unproduced quantities anytime.
  • Assured optimal deckle matching results all-time.
  • Maximum Utilization of Machines.
  • Minimize trim loss and Maximize production
  • Saves precious time to focus on core business.
  • Removes the dependency with Experienced Deckle Matching Skill set.
  • Improved end customer satisfaction
  • Remarkable ROI – 9 days to 90 days
  • Marketable Savings – On Man Power
  • Huge Savings – Flawless / Error Free
  • Incredible Gain – Scarce Resources like Raw Materials
  • Considerable Savings – Stock Carrying Cost / Less SWO
  • Increase in Trending Business Turnover & Profitability of the Company
  • Increased Order Flow – When no Restriction on Deckle
  • Timely Delivery – OTIF (One Time in Full) can be Achieved
  • Great Control over Finishing Loss & Productivity.
  • CSR Compliance in terms less load on ETP / Pollution.
  • Retention of Customers.
  • Repeat Order leading to ultimate Goal of Achieving Customer Satisfaction.
  • Time Saving in Deckle Matching Process

Cost Benefit Analysis

Optrim 2.5 is claiming that the Return On Investment – ROI is 9 Days to 90 Days. The illustration is as shown below.

ROI Coated Duplex Board
ROI Kraft Paper

Return On Investment – ROI

  • Assuming that a machine produces 12,000 Tons per Month (400 TPD).
  • Contribution to the company is assumed to be INR 10,000 / Ton as an average from various Product Mix.
  • By the use of Papyrus360 Optrim, if 0.5% increase in productivity is achieved then corresponding savings would be 60 Tons/Month.
  • Hence, following savings can be achieved in a span of 1 Year.
    60 Tons * INR 10,000 = INR 6,00,000 / Month
    INR 6,00,000 * 12 Months = INR 72,00,000 / Year

Deckle Matching – Optrim