Optrim 2.5 – Release Update

We are happy to announce that we have released next update v2.5 for our product Optrim, which comes with pack of Improvements and New Features.

For all our customers with active AMC, this upgrade is free of cost.  We have given below the list of key improvements and new features for your reference. 

This upgrade is completely optional. Without this also your product will work as good as today.

If you are interested in the new features and improvements, please call us to schedule a Product upgrade at your convenience.

Our team will help you to upgrade the product end to end.

What’s new on Optrim 2.5 Deckle Matcher Release Update?

New Features

  • Now the system can utilize the stock rolls and allows you to automatically adjust against the orders, thus producing the deckle matching only for the required quantities. Also provides complete view of Orders and their fulfillment in single MO for easy tracking.
  • Option to include Multi winders with different specification in single Machine Order.
  • Multi Cutter Schedule: You are now not limited to use single type of cutter for the Machine Orders. You can choose single or multiple cutters with different Width and parameters. We can now generate a complete cutter scheduled based on one of the following priority. You can further configure the cutter schedule based on
    • Priority Orders.
    • Shortest Processing Time (SPT)
    • Longest Processing Time (LPT)
  • Predefined Sizes for Rewinder Cutters (RC). Now you can pre-allocate the sizes suitable for your RC cutters. System automatically allocate theses sizes to the RC cutter during the cutter schedule.
  • Order Wise Tolerance: Now you can control how much excess or short can be produced for each order.
  • Merge MO : Now you can merge and print multiple Machine Orders for shop floor planning.
  • Flexible / Varying Diameter Option: Now you can produce your master reels within allowed range of diameters instead of fixed diameters. This option provides more control and avoiding the excess production and save cost.
  • System allows you to add a manual Deckle combination as part of Machine Order for some special releases.

General Enhancements

  • Improved User Interface upgraded with latest version of Telerik controls provides more flexibility and control over your data handling and reports.
  • Improved linear programming problem models which improved the time and accuracy of our results.
  • Enhance to provide visual view of Winder and Simplex/Duplex cutter knife settings and cutting patterns.
  • Improved algorithm to minimize the knife changes at Machine Order Level.
  • Improved Runlist option – Helps you to compare different deckle matching combinations by changing or tuning several parameters and take decision on best solutions.
  • Improved control over order fulfillment from the achieved quantity.  The system automatically split and allocate production quantity against the orders. This option helps to avoid excess allocation to customers.
  • Now support different Monitor sizes with different resolution.
  • Control the deckle matching priority based on Minimize Trim loss or minimize the production.
  • More control SWO Production (Stock without Order) for better deckle matching and minimize production loss.
  • Option to auto adjust the order quantity based on diameter or set weight of the master reels planned to be produced.